Mental preparation

Edna understood that underlying her reluctance to deal with the chaos in her home was a lot of emotional baggage. It had always been easier to make no decisions about the stuff than to really focus on the items.

  • She had things that were of no real use or value to her but she felt she must keep them anyway because of the people who had given them to her. What if they visited and didn’t find the items they had given her?!
  • She really wished that her family and friends would stop giving her ceramic cats just because at one time they had been novel and interesting to her. She knew in her heart it was up to her to speak up and not to expect anyone to read her mind. Why she couldn’t even read it herself! The question was – could she give herself the freedom and permission to just say “no” to some of the stuff and give away, throw out, or sell items that no longer gave her a sense of fulfillment?
  • There were some things she had kept out of the sense of guilt she might feel if she got rid of them because she had received them from her mother even though her sister had wanted them just as much.
  • There were even items she avoided because of the anger she felt when she even thought about them.
  • And then there were the items that still brought up grief from Arthur’s death…things of his that could go to someone else when she felt ready to release them.


How ready are you to deal emotionally with the items you will encounter as you go through your home?

Could you release any items back into your original family such as to a sister, brother, or their children? Could this be an opportunity to heal a relationship?

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