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photo of Harriet & Chuck Vaughan
Harriet with her husband,Chuck Vaughan

I just missed being a Baby Boomer. Yes, by being born in November of 1945, I missed being in that giant demographic by 6 weeks! However, their music is my music. Whereas my older sister resonates to music by Frank Sinatra, I am captivated by The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

I am the first in my family to graduate from college. I received my B.S. in Home Economics from the University of Maine. I met my husband while attending and we married before my senior year in1966. We have lived in rural Maine ever since, but have led highly irregular lives. We were part of the “back to the land” movement in the 1970’s, raising most of our own food and were early adopters of organic gardening. We have had several businesses together over the years.

One constant theme with me is the desire to organize life. This is a Quixotic  task because change is the only constant thing in life. My mother said this began early in life with me when, as a toddler, I would sort rocks and gravel into different colored piles. Over the years I have done organizing for several businesses, getting their papers filed, their checkbooks balanced, and sometimes their family lives ordered. This has led naturally into a passion for helping my fellow Senior Citizens recapture the loose threads of their paperwork, their finances, and their possessions when it comes time to downsize for either moving or aging in place at home. This extends to helping the family and/or care-givers when the Senior is no longer capable of doing things himself.

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